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IN 2023

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Self care might not be simple at first, but with the right support, information & empowerment,
it IS achievable...

What to expect while on the program?

🎯 Practical tools for long-lasting and sustainable lifestyle changes

🎯 Methods for creating effective sleep habits

🎯 Techniques to enjoy movement and exercise

🎯 My seasonally developed and taste-tested recipe book

🎯 Support in creating a daily meditation habit

🎯 Resources and recommendations for continued health and wellbeing

Doing a reset/detox can be challenging and, without question, rewarding!

Yes, it will require some planning, and you will be uncomfortable with the unfamiliar, but maybe, just maybe, you’ll

discover a new passion!


21 Day Comprehensive Lifestyle Reset & Detox


We'll get the program started with prioritizing Sleep, Movement & guided Meditation while we identify & prepare our personalized clean, seasonal Eating plan with guidance & support (virtual meetings)


Having had guidance, clarification & preparation (and tons of recipes to play with) we're ready to finally adopt clean Eating with SUCCESS!


What feels good? What needs refinement? Practice  LIVING your new motto "It's All About Me in 2023, Without Guilt or Shame!" with the support of community

  • You will receive a daily email filled with guidance and inspiration in addition to twice weekly, live/remote meetings!
  • We begin at 9am-11am est on Sunday, January 1 with our first meeting via Zoom and will include a 1 hour, all levels yoga/movement practice.
  • Our schedule of live/remote meetings are: Sunday mornings from 9-10am est yoga, 10-11am est, Q&A and information sharing
  • Wednesday evenings, Q&A and information sharing as well as 8-9pm est Restorative yoga & relaxing body scan.

All of the meeting links, replays and content will be housed in your program portal to

conveniently access as you wish!

Cancellation/Refund Policy

*Since the primary content of this course lives in the portal and can be self-guided, refunds are not an option. That said, in certain circumstances, a credit for the cost of the course can be an option. Should you wish to receive a credit (and lose access) for the course, please email