Custom Meditation Prescription

Personalized meditation program to help you

Build your long-lasting

Get a meditation tailored to your individual needs & 1:1 support to finally start living to the fullest


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

The traditional length of time for a personalized meditation practice to begin to have an effect is 3 months (or 3 moon cycles), which is the prescribed duration of your Custom Meditation Prescription (CMP)

What's Included in a Custom Meditation Prescription?

Your CMP includes:

  • Initial 1 hour Discovery video call with me
  • 2 x 20 minute follow up check-ins, each one 28-30 days apart to assess your progress and identify if any adjustments need to be made to your practice
  • Final Integration session via video call at the completion of the three month cycle
  • BONUS 2 X 20 minute mentoring sessions as needed

Should you need further support, I’m offering 20 minute sessions for $50 each only for participants of CMP (this is discounted as my private coaching rates average at $200 per hour)

Onces you’ve completed your purchase of the program, you’ll receive a Welcome e-mail with login details for your Custom Meditation Prescription portal. Once you’ve accessed your portal, you’ll begin your journey by watching the brief instructional video, answering three preliminary questions and a link to schedule our first, 60 minute discovery video call. From there, you will receive your CMP practice recordings (of varying lengths) via email with an instructional video on your practice.

Do my practices ever expire?

No! They are yours to keep and enjoy forever. That said, you might grow out of the practice and need a new practice addressing bocks to your continued evolution.

How long will it take for the prescribed practice to fix me and/or my problems?

CMP is an empowering & accountability tool which will support you in creating a daily habit of self awareness and prioritization. It will subtly address releasing subconscious beliefs and behaviors BUT you always have the greatest power that we have…the power of CHOICE. You can choose to see and do things differently, or not.

What YOU put into it, is what you’ll get out of it!

What if something major comes up from the practice or it’s triggering me and I need to talk?

You will have my continued support throughout the 3 month (please see “What’s Included” above). Aside form the FOUR meetings and two bonus mentoring sessions, should you need further support, I’m offering 20 minute sessions for $50 each only for participants of CMP (this is discounted as my private coaching rates average at $200 per hour)

What if I don’t do the program and want my money back?

You are welcome to a full refund anytime prior to our initial, 1 hour Discovery Session. Once we have had the initial meeting, there are no refunds for any reason whatsoever. If you chose to forfeit your follow up sessions and not utilize your personalized program, that is your choice.

Can I share my CMP with a friend or family member?

This is not advised! What is healing for you might actually strengthen a limiting belief or behavior in another. Your meditation is one of a kind and curated specifically for you based on the what I understand from your answers to the three initial questions in the portal and our Initial Discovery session.

If you would like to share a complimentary practice with family or friends, please direct them to my website to download the always complimentary MY Practice instructional video and downloadable guided practice

Cancellation/Refund Policy

*Since the primary content of this course lives in the portal and can be self-guided, refunds are not an option. That said, in certain circumstances, a credit for the cost of the course can be an option. Should you wish to receive a credit (and lose access) for the course, please email